New Year’s resolutions abound!!

Much activity, busyness, strong intentions for a better year.

Are you participating, or are you the one on the outside looking in?

Many people seem to have a strong and clear direction. Do you?

Don’t mistake strong starts and busyness as productivity. We often just see highlight reels of people’s lives, not the reality.

If you have not found the direction you want to go in your life for 2020, and the decade beyond, you are not alone. You are either in the driver’s seat of your life or you are at the mercy of what life throws at you, and are continually reacting to events. Remember you can be climbing the (corporate) ladder achieving, but if the ladder is on the wrong building, are you really achieving your goal?

It’s very easy to feel like you are not busy enough. In the frantic pace that our world lives, taking time for reflection and creating a quiet space is hard to do.

But if you have started the year without clear direction it’s not too late. Better late than never! In order to create a quiet place, you will need to take the time to remove all distractions—especially social media. Let your mind reflect on what came up for you last year, what worked, what didn’t, and why. What do you want more of this year, what do you want less of this year? Where do you want to head this year? Start putting in place smaller goals to achieve these in the weeks and months ahead.

Each year feels as if it is flying past us. How many times do you hear people say Christmas came around again quickly? And it does. I also hear people say it crept up on them, as if they didn’t know that 364 days after last Christmas it was going to come around again. As the weeks fly by, be intentional about what you want to create. Adding more fun, more dancing, work or career goals or more fitness and better health; whatever it is take charge, be in the driver’s seat of your life.

You are 100% responsible for the life you create this year (and every year).

Just make sure it’s your goal—what you truly want for your life!!!

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