Self-Care Workshop

Self-Care Workshop on Understanding Narcissists



Saturday 20th November, 2.00pm to 5:30pm including yoga

Temple Retreat/Seed Yoga, Pullenvale


Saturday 24th November, 7.00pm to 8:30pm Online Webinar

Online via Zoom

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

– Coco Chanel

Self-Care Workshop on Understanding Narcissists

Join us for a nourishing afternoon Self Care Workshop.

This Self Care Workshop will bring you back to your centre.

Replenish your whole mind, body and soul.

The afternoon Workshop will begin with a nurturing and super relaxing non-strenuous restorative yoga session with Tanya from Seed Yoga situated at Temple Retreat in Pullenvale.

Following yoga we will re-connect as a group with delicious refreshments and dive into a Coaching Session on the Understanding Narcissists.

The restorative yoga session will be run by Tanya from Seed Yoga and the Coaching Session will be facilitated by Kerri Speyers from Life Choices Coaching.

Enjoy this beautiful afternoon of movement, breath and connecting with like minded women to boost your confidence.

Narcissists – we have all experienced a narcissist or two in our lives whether we realised it or not

Even if it’s just the rude entitled shop assistant that’s blaming you for the problems in their life

Narcissists are the master manipulators of the world

They lie, they deflect, their actions don’t match their words, they gaslight and devalue you

Learn how to spot a narcissist and the tools to ensure you are not ensnared by their manipulative games

We will explore this further at my next Self-Care Workshop on Understanding Narcissists

This workshop includes a relaxing and gentle yoga session to get centred and grounded⁠ in beautiful, rural Pullenvale followed by refreshments and an afternoon with like-minded ladies as we delve into the topic of narcissists and how to spot and protect yourself from them

Self-Care Workshop on Understanding Narcissists is held at Seed Yoga, Pullenvale from 2pm to 5:30pm Saturday 20th November if you can’t make it face to face come via webinar on the following Wednesday 24th November from 7pm⁠⁠ to 8:30pm

Take a few hours out of your busy schedule to get an understanding of what exactly drains your creative energy and how to stop the drain.

Stop rushing, feeling that time pressure and feeling exhausted because you worked all day and didn’t get the important things done.

Your Hosts

Kerri Speyers, is a Life Empowerment Coach that specialise in helping mid-life women gain the clarity, confidence and courage to live their best life.

As a Certified Practitioner in Time Line Therapy, Matrix Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Mbit Coach and Emotional Intelligent Teams Program, she has extensive experience in re-programming behavioural patterns that has us run on auto-pilot and stops us from achieving our fullest potential.

Through gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, Kerri guides mid-life women to break free of the anxiety, depression and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving them.

Her passion is to see women become the truly capable, independent superwomen that they are – one that will leave a legacy of empowerment to all women!

Through her 1 on 1 coaching, workshops and retreats, her clients gain the confidence and motivation to move forward and create a fulfilling and purposeful life that they are excited about.

Tanya is a mother, a wife, a visionary, a dancer and a creator. She is a lover of poetry, Buddhist philosophy and dogs.

Tanya is also a yoga and embodiment teacher and the founder of Seed Yoga. She is passionate about teaching girls and women the art of self-care and self-awareness through yoga.

Through her own personal struggles with addiction, disordered eating and depression she has experienced, first-hand, how the practices of yoga and meditation can guide and sustain people through dark times, and become a soothing balm and medicine.

Check out her website HERE.

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