Self-Care Workshop

Monthly Self-care Workshops

Next physical workshop is on the topic of

“Who’s on Your Team?”

on Saturday 7th November, 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm in Pullenvale (including yoga)


Online via Zoom Wednesday 11th November 7pm to 8:30pm


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

– Coco Chanel

We are the average of the 5 people we spend our time with!

Are the people closest in your life supportive, inspirational, exhilarate you, enlighten you, help you get out of your comfort zone regularly and elevate you!

Who is your cheerleader?

We need a Team of people in our life to help us achieve our dreams!!

So who’s on your Team?!!


At my next Self-Care Workshop we shall be delving into the looking at “Who’s on your Team?”.

Monthly Self-Care Workshops are run by Kerri Speyers from Life Choices Coaching

Create some space for some “me time” and join us for this 2 ½  hour Self-Care Workshop.

Situated at Seed Yoga in beautiful rural Pullenvale we will start with a gentle restorative yoga run be Tanya from Seed Yoga followed by some delicious refreshments and a Life Coaching Workshop including workbook

Join a small group of like-minded women for an afternoon of connection, relaxation, laughs and soul growth.

Are you ready to take some time for yourself and find clarity and direction for your best life?

It’s often just a few minor tweaks here and there that will transform your life from average to AMAZING!

You will be guided through a workshop designed to help you find clarity and direction on the next phase of your life. This workshop is delivered to support you in filling yourself up with the love, compassion and clarity you need to move forward into creating a fulfilling year.

Give the love you normally give out to everyone else back to the most important person – yourself. We cannot give from an empty vessel, we must first take care of ourselves so we can give to others.

This is for a small group of women who value deep connection, clarity and direction in their lives.


Join me for an evening of Self Care Workshop online via Zoom – Wednesday 7pm to 8:30pm

Grab your cuppa, glass of wine or drink of choice, organise some delicious snacks and nibbles and get cosy in your most comfortable lounge wear.

Can’t wait to see you there.


“I was fortunate to attend Kerri’s workshop on Self-Sabotaging Behaviours on Saturday 3 October, at Temple Retreat, Pullenvale. There were ten of us attending—different women, varying ages, individual life experiences. The workshop began with a restorative and uplifting yoga session with Tanya, from Seed Yoga, in a peaceful studio with tranquil views. The venue is exquisite. The yoga was a calming, yet invigorating practice, which was followed by the group enjoying delicious refreshments provided by Kerri. We worked through an informative booklet which explained what self-sabotaging behaviour is, triggers that promote this negative behaviour, and how to successfully override them. Kerri gave gentle guidance and encouragement in a safe, non-judgemental manner, which promoted an atmosphere conducive to her clients sharing their feelings and experiences. Her wisdom and knowledge were evident as she explained what provokes negative behaviour, and shared strategies to help recognise and address them. Kerri’s workshops provide an opportunity to reflect on behaviours which are often habitual and damaging. The discussions are respectful, considerate, sometimes hilarious, and always supportive. I can thoroughly recommend these workshops as a means of inspiring each of us to live our best lives.”

– Robyn Semple

“Thankyou for a wonderful experience yesterday Kerri x was just lovely. Great surrounds. Loved the yoga . And learnt some stuff! The workshop taught me something quite different and surprising – I am definitely going to use the strategies you shared. Thankyou x and Thankyou for introducing me to the temple – brilliant location and service.”

– Maria Pawluczyk

“Having attended my first self-care workshop facilitated by Kerri, I’m so glad I committed the time for myself and joined the group of women that attended on the day. The yoga session before the workshop led by Tanya was just what I needed to be able to put down my mental to do list from the day to day. Then having the opportunity to be guided by Kerri through understanding the self-sabotaging behaviours that come in through my day to day in an understanding and supportive environment was invaluable. Thank you Kerri for creating such a safe and welcoming space – I look forward to attending further workshops.”

– Korryn H

Your Host

Kerri Speyers, is a Life Empowerment Coach that specialise in helping mid-life women gain the clarity, confidence and courage to live their best life.

As a Certified Practitioner in Time Line Therapy, Matrix Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Mbit Coach and Emotional Intelligent Teams Program, she has extensive experience in re-programming behavioural patterns that has us run on auto-pilot and stops us from achieving our fullest potential.

Through gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, Kerri guides mid-life women to break free of the anxiety, depression and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving them.

Her passion is to see women become the truly capable, independent superwomen that they are – one that will leave a legacy of empowerment to all women!

Through her 1 on 1 coaching, workshops and retreats, her clients gain the confidence and motivation to move forward and create a fulfilling and purposeful life that they are excited about.

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