Reinvigorate Overnight Retreat – 23/24th April 2022

Temple Retreat, Pullenvale 


August Retreat 13th/14th August 2022


OVERNIGHT and DAY ONLY Retreat available

Reinvigorate your mind, body and soul with an overnight retreat in the beautiful, tranquil countryside of Pullenvale at the luxurious Grandview Retreat set on 10 acres overlooking mountains of natural bushland to soothe the soul

Take the time out to reignite your passionenergy and purpose with quality time with like minded ladies in the beautifully appointed space in tranquil  Grandview Retreat Pullenvale where we will gently nourish the body and soul with massage, yoga and fun and deep connection.

Invigorate your body with guided yoga in the beautiful Seed Yoga studio with Tanya. Followed by a guided meditation by Kerri Speyers, Life Choices Coaching.

Reinvigorate and recentre your body with a 45 minute therapeutic massage with the amazingly intuitive Italian Giulia di Vora.

Get your creative rocks on with Rebecca Lee Nye/Bridge from Gypsy Designs as she runs a workshop on crystal bead making. We will get to design, make and keep a crystal bracelet.

Saviour the beautiful Pullenvale backdrop onto mountain bushland whilst enjoying a meal, champagne, a pit fire and good company.

Sleep in the tranquil countryside in twin share rooms (single room option available) all with beautiful views to the mountains.

After a leisurely breakfast Kerri Speyers from Life Choices Coaching will guide you through a self-care workshop on Reinvigorating Yourself where we will look at ways to tweak our lives for the better because as Socrates said “An unexamined life is not worth living”.




Share in this beautiful weekend away to nourish your soul, revitalise your energy and calm your busy mind. You’ve been through so much this year; don’t you feel like you need to get away and recentre yourself before you jump into the remainder of the year?

We invite you to take some time out for yourself to recharge, reflect and renew.

This Overnight Retreat is for busy women, especially mums who are:

  • Trying to do everything, to be superwomen and feel like they are not enough
  • Who feel like they’re giving and giving and always putting others needs above their own
  • Feel like they never have time for themselves
  • Who feel burnt out, directionless and exhausted
  • Feel like you’re stuck or just going through the motions
  • Are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, trying to do it all
  • Or just need a break away from the pressures of daily life

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As a mum of 2 grown children, I know what it feels like to be giving and giving and never taking time for myself, always putting everyone else’s needs above my own and not feeling important or appreciated.

Feeling depleted and having to give from an empty cup just became the norm.

Now I know better. I know that you need to fill your cup to overflowing in order to give from my overflow, rather than from exhaustion.

TO be able to do that we need to take time for ourselves. We need to give ourselves the permission to take time out of our own environment and have the breathing space to clear ours mind, reconnect with ourselves and remember what is important.

It’s time to rest, recharge and reconnect.

During the Creative Overnight Retreat, we will come together at the luxurious Grandview retreat, overlooking the mountains of natural bushland to soothe the soul in the beautiful countryside of Pullenvale.

We’ll take time to gently move our bodies and reconnect with ourselves through creativity and peace and quiet. We will nourish our souls with beautiful food and enlightening conversation, and we’ll take time to reflect on what’s important, what’s serving us and what we need to do to feel grounded and balanced again.

This retreat is about more than just taking time out, it’s about you saying yes to yourself again. It’s about choosing YOU and putting yourself first, it’s about connecting with who you are as a person and reminding yourself that you deserve to take care of yourself.


The Creative Retreat has provided a much needed chance to step off the road of life and enjoy some “me” time. The other participants were so gracious, caring and involved. Total strangers became close over just 1 day!

– Narelle Rhodes

Creative Retreat gave me a great opportunity to stop and centre and fill my own self-care cup and do something for myself. Beautiful location, fantastic facilitators and calming activities to really help me switch off.

– Korryn Haines

Kerri’s Renew retreat has reinvigorated my zest for life, allowed time for reflection and introspection and was a safe, fun-filled space to engage with others.

– Robyn Semple

Renew Retreat has given me the breathing space I needed to clear my mind from all the negatively that occurs day to day and see the bigger picture more clearly. lots of little “ah ha” moments during our time that have given me new perspective and direction towards a brighter more authentic future. Thank ya Kerri.

– Tamara Weibel

Renew Retreat was not only a beautiful setting and place to stay, it was an opportunity to connect with some beautiful people. With Kerri’s gently direction we are able to strive to our fuller potential and find our own happiness.

– Leigh Gouldstone

Renew Retreat was a great way to connect with like minded and encouraging women. Such a wonderful experience to fill your own cup, so you can then give to others from a place of loving kindness.

– Kristie Gouldstone

For the mums who never take time out to rejuvenate and reflect, the Renew Retreats are perfect to rest, learn and refocus.

– Tracy Warren

Creative Overnight Retreat 2021

Gratitude Overnight Retreat 2020

Renew Overnight Retreat 2019

What’s included

 Overnight Retreat full experience with optional DAY ONLY retreat


  • Invigorate your body with guided yoga & meditation sessions
  • Reenergiseand restore your body with an 45 minute initiative therapeutic massage
  • Nourishing meals & relaxed conversation
  • A creative crystal bead bracelet activity with Gypsy Designs
  • Connection time with like-minded women
  • Reinvigorate Yourself  Workshop run by Kerri Speyers
  • Rest and Reflection time to calm your busy mind
  • Luxurious twin share accommodation at the Grandview Retreat

Retreat starts at 10am Saturday  and finishes 12pm Sunday 


  • Invigorate your body with guided yoga & meditation sessions
  • Nourishing meals & relaxed conversation
  • A Creative crystal bead bracelet making activity with Gypsy Designs
  • Connection time with like-minded women
  • Rest and Reflection time to calm your busy mind

Day Retreat starts at 10am Saturday finishes 5pm Saturday

About the Facilitors


Kerri Speyers is a Life Empowerment Coach and owner of Life Choices Coaching.  Specialising in helping women gain the clarity, confidence and courage to live their best life. With a passion to see women become the truly capable, independent superwomen that they are – one that will leave a legacy of empowerment to all women!

Giulia Di Vora is a passionate, intuitive masseuse who has been involved in massage since she was a little girl growing up in Italy. Upon her return to Australia from Italy she has been working an upmarket spa in James Street, Brisbane.

Tanya is the founder of Seed Yoga is a yoga and embodiment teacher.  Tanya is passionate about teaching girls and women the art of self-care and self-awareness through yoga.   Seed Yoga is a space where movement and stillness are woven together to encourage self-awareness, healing and mindfulness.

Rebecca Lee Nye/Bridge is the owner of Gypsy Heart Designs – all things jewellery made with crystal beads. Rebecca is a country singer with passion to create a better world for her family and the community.

The Location

Each participant will be paired together with another like-minded woman in a twin share room. 

Reinvigorate your zest for life and fill up your cup so you can step into the remainder of 2021 energised, purposeful and ready to give of yourself fully.

Say yes to yourself and book your spot now. Early Bird prices to come.

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Your Host

Kerri Speyers, is a Life Empowerment Coach that specialise in helping mid-life women gain the clarity, confidence and courage to live their best life.

Through gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, Kerri guides mid-life women to break free of the anxiety, depression and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving them.

Her passion is to see women become the truly capable, independent superwomen that they are – one that will leave a legacy of empowerment to all women!

As a Certified Practitioner in Time Line Therapy, Matrix Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Mbit Coach and Emotional Intelligent Teams Program, she has extensive experience in re-programming behavioural patterns that has us run on auto-pilot and stops us from achieving our fullest potential.

Through her 1 on 1 coaching, workshops and retreats, her clients gain the confidence and motivation to move forward and create a fulfilling and purposeful life that they are excited about.


Creative Retreat is an opportunity to relax, connect and explore creativity in a variety of ways.

– Rachael Wilcox

The retreat may have opened another possibility for more creativity through writing and given me the confidence to allow me to do so.

– Moira MacLeod

For the mums who never take time out to rejuvenate and reflect, the Renew retreats are perfect to rest, learn and refocus.

– Tracy Warren

Replenish Retreat allowed me the time to reflect on what is serving me currently and how I can improve the balance in my life. The yoga, life coaching, meditation and bead workshop were a beautiful way to escape and learn.

– Molly

You have to do Replenish Retreat to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

– Dayna

Replenish Retreat was a lovely relaxing time, balanced between physical, creative and self examination activities with a gorgeous setting.

– Kylie

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