Mothers. We all have them, whether they are in our life a little, a lot or long gone from this world. Some are warm and jolly, some are tall and prickly. Some are the life of the party; and some are introverted and quiet. But what they all have in common is that they love us and are doing the very best they can with the skills they have.

Is it because we carry our children inside of us for nine months and knowingly feel that they are flesh of our flesh, bones of our bones that make us so attached to our babies and so invested in their lives, for the rest of our life? Once a mother, always a mother!  As Mothers we sacrifice so much of our life, time, money, energy and love to support our children.

As did our mothers before us and grandmothers before them.
We are a product of our childhood as is our parents. With that in mind what do you know about your mother’s mother? Take a moment to think about how your mother’s mother affected your mum’s capacity to love and nurture. In what way do you mirror your mother? What burdens might you be carrying for your mum out of love for her?

At this time of Isolation we have had a wakeup call to stop and think about all the things we do and may have taken for granted. Such as being able to just pop into see our mum, support them, care for them and spend time with them. No matter what type of relationship we have with our mother we will miss them when they are no longer around. They have been our backstop. Someone we could always fall back onto when life got hard and hopefully a soft place to land.

I know that there are children whose relationship with their mother is strained and not exactly how they would like it to be but we are all “doing the best we can with the skills we have”. For some, love from afar is the safest.

When our children were small they scrambled all over us for our time, affection and attention. We will never be more loved than in those moments of childhood. Cherish those moments, remember that love and pay it forward.
Happy Mothers Day!

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