Never in our generation’s history has the WHOLE world faced such massive changes globally, almost overnight, as with the Covid-19 pandemic. Previous generations that lived through World Wars know a thing or two about coping. The rest of us are on a steep learning curve.

In a matter of weeks, the world, as we know it, has been changed forever with this virus.

Whilst the effects of this virus will, in some cases, create lifelong changes to our world, there are parts of our lives that have the potential to become our new normal, after the pandemic subsides. We can decide what our new normal will be.

Bad things happen; but good often outweighs the bad! We frequently see good arising from difficult situations. Terrorist attacks, for example, whilst evil in intent and murderous and harmful to others, evoke disdain for the evil and heartless behaviour, often fueling waves of compassion and caring to comfort those who suffer.

Most humans are caring, loving and social beings who want the best for the world we live in. Kindness overtakes evil intent.

Let us take a moment to explore all the positives that have come from this pandemic:

  • We are starting to truly appreciate connection. We are realising that we are social beings (yes even the introverts) and that connection is part of our well-being. We are even connecting with strangers.
  • Gratitude has gone through the roof. Things we have taken for granted are no longer being neglected.
  • Random acts of kindness are springing up everywhere as we learn to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”.
  • Frontline workers, doctors, nurses, medical staff, emergency workers, supermarket staff and politicians are being admired, and labelled with hero status, as opposed to our well-paid footballers.
  • Industries that said we cannot change the way businesses work are now finding ways for employees to work from home and creating flexible working hours. Let us hope we can find sustainable working balances when restrictions are lifted.
  • Teachers are finally being acknowledged for all the hard work they do! We only have to home school our own children, and not 30 children in a class every day.
  • We are learning that the news media’s 24/7 reporting on disasters is highly detrimental to people’s mental health. We must learn to switch off from the constant negative information.
  • We do not need more stuff!! Consumerism has to slow down from now on.
  • The environment just had a HUGE sigh of relief. We gave our environment a reprieve from the destructive behaviour we have placed on our planet.
  • People were tired from the fast pace of life and we have had a chance to reset.
  • We are learning to pivot and approach issues from a quite different perspective. Using a growth mindset is leading the way.

With every negative thing that happens in the world we have chances to learn the lessons we need to, and make positive changes to our lives—tweak them to create better, more sustainable lives.

What lessons has this time during a pandemic taught you? What positive changes are you going to incorporate into your lives from now on?

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