On this weekend of International Women’s Day we are recognizing the theme of “I am generation equality; Realising women’s rights” The day is aimed to help nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women.

Even in an amazing first world country like Australia; a land of opportunity and freedom; women are still subjected to a patriarchal society in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority and social privilege.

To date there is not a single county in the world that has achieved complete gender equality. Because of the sex a woman is born with she will continue to be undervalued, work for less pay and have fewer choices and experience domestic violence at a greater level than men.

Only recently an Australian newspaper advised that sexist remarks have forced it to remove the comments section from its coverage of women’s Australian Rules football. Surely we can do better than this.

There are so many good men out there who treat women with respect and equality and we thank you. There are however an element of men in our society that disrespect, degrade and devalue women. We need good men to call out disrespectful comments, language and behavior because when women say something we are seen as “men haters and feminists”. We so need support from the majority of good men (of which there are many). This is not a fight against the sexes but collaboration for equality for all.

Each of us can, and must, play our part in making violent conflict, poverty and gender inequality something of the past.

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