The year 2020 was a fantastic example of how we need to get comfortable with getting out of our comfort zone!!

This year everyone was kicked out of our comfort zone at the same time and into the fear zone with the Covid-19 pandemic. This was a very unique situation to have so many people dealing with the same fear zone issue at the same time whilst understanding that everyone’s circumstances were uniquely  different.

Learning how to transition from our Fear Zone and then move into the Learning and Growth Zone is the key to creating an amazing life!!!

Because the magic happens outside of our comfort zone – not inside it!!!

This is a video I recently did on the different phases we go through when we hit the Fear Zone.

If you are struggling with remaining in the Fear Zone reach out to me to get some help moving into the next phase of Learning and Growth Zone because this is an important part of the evolution of life and it is a skill we need to cultivate.

Once you master this cycle of getting out of your comfort zone you can apply this to every facet of your life for the rest of your life to create a courageous, exciting life.

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