Hi! I’m Kerri Speyers


Gain the clarity, confidence and courage to live your best life.

Feeling stuck! Sick of pleasing everyone else except yourself!

Find your passion and purpose and create a life you can get excited about

Hi! I’m Kerri Speyers


Feeling stuck?

Have you spend so much time and energy meeting the needs of your children, partners and others but not fulfilling your own needs?

Are you busy pleasing everyone else except yourself?

Are your dreams, desires and needs buried under everyone else’s needs that they are long forgotten?

Can you not remember when you last felt alive, vibrant and excited about your life?

I’ve been there!!! I know how it feels to live a life that feels mediocre and lacks passion and purpose.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You deserve to live a life with passion and purpose. That gets you excited for the life ahead of you.

This is why I specialise in helping you gain the clarity, confidence and courage to live your best life.


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I cannot begin to tell you what Kerri Speyers Life Coaching has done for my life. Each week she lovingly takes me through a tough time in my life and teaches me how to turn it around and make it a blessing. Kerri is intuitive and caring and makes me reach into the depths of my soul to expose those tough times and explore how they affected me and what I learnt from them, then she gently moves me forward to a new place where I can realise that I am the beautiful soul I am today because of my past experiences.  I will be forever a better person because of her guidance.  Thanks doesn’t seem enough. 

Wendy Fraser

Kerri Speyers at Life Choices Coaching has been instrumental in helping me recognise and overcome the negative and limiting beliefs I once held. I had been stuck in a cycle of self-depreciation, and believing I had to be everything to everyone. Sessions with Kerri have awakened the person I am meant to be. Her gentle wisdom and kindness create a positive and safe environment, where recognising and then discontinuing damaging choices we subconsciously make can be achieved. Kerri is an astute listener who offers clarity and a common-sense approach to identifying long-held, invalidating and counteractive assumptions. She evokes a sense of trust, and is genuinely committed to helping her clients reform and remodel their lives. I experienced many ‘aha’ moments as we discussed my concerns. She has taught me coping strategies to meet challenges with confidence and excitement, and is helping me overcome the once crippling anxiety that was denying me fulfillment and peace.
I would recommend Kerri at Life Choices Coaching to anyone feeling stuck or unhappy with their life, or those who simply wish to strive to achieve their full potential.

Robyn Semple

I came to Kerri because I was stuck. I felt like I was stuck taking over the same story and resenting the past with no way forward. No positive view of the future and no resources to improve my outlook.

To be honest it was timing. Talking to a trusted dear friend who said she’d been seeing Kerri. I was ready and needed help. It was handed to me as a gift really… I didn’t need to go searching it was meant to be.

Kerri helped me explore solutions by identifying priority areas in my life she then helped action a plan and kept me accountable with follow up and checking. It worked. A tough caring coach. She truly connects with you and reminds you you have the resources to resolve yourself with a gentle nudge from a coach on the side.

Maria Pawluczyk

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